Some Comments On Wolverine Saga (And Some Actual Wolverine Comics, Too)

You can't really review a plot synopsis with photoshopped panels from old comics distributed to comic shops for free, in order to inform people about Wolverine's convoluted history (and possibly scare them off of ever reading another coming again), because there's a new movie coming out. Especially when you skimmed the damn thing.

That said, I'm going to do a post on it anyway.

The main thing that jumped out at me was that Romulus is to blame for every bad thing that's ever happened in Wolverine's life. Yes, this guy. They're still going with that. I mean, I tend to try and ignore everything that Jeph Loeb and Daniel Way write that I don't hear about second hand (and being mocked). So, it kind of slipped my mind that they were still doing that whole thing where some sort of werewolf was part of a conspiracy withing many conspiracies against Wolverine..

Anyway, you can tell Romulus is totally an organic arch villain for Wolverine, because he was responsible for all of the horrible things in Wolvie's life, including most of his dead girlfriends. That's irrefutable! Because if you try, Marvel will have your girlfriend killed. Of course, for many of that's a hollow threat.

Speaking of that, Wolverine has more dead girlfriends than Daredevil. At least by my unscientific method of thinking "hey, Wolverine has more dead girlfriends than Dardevil" while flipping through this thing and then committing to that as an unshakable belief. They sort of make the comparison in the text, because Wolverine kept bumping in to DD's ex-girlfriends for a while in the '90s (one of whom was dead and should have stayed that way. And I'm not talking about Zombie Karen Page).

They reference the Peter Milligan written, Darwyn Cooke drawn Wolverine/Doop team up mini-series briefly. For some reason, that makes me very happy. That's a part of Wolverine's convoluted continuity that I liked! Awesome! Maybe the Pink Lady will show up in the new movie!

Speaking of Darwyn Cooke, man, a lot of top shelf artists worked on Wolverine comics over the years. I mean, Mike Mignola even did a prestige format one-shot years ago where Wolvie fought an Apocalypse clone or something in the Savage Land! Of course, that was back when Marvel was just cranking out Wolverine comics. They're so much more restrained these days, like they don't want to overexpose the character or something. It's like they're leaving money on the table! I don't think I could have their integrity.

Finally, speaking of Wolverine comics, Jason Aaron's two recent Wolverine arcs (Get Mystique and Manifest Destiny/Pander to Chris Sims) are pretty damn good. I was going to do a whole review on them and the recent Ghost Rider with Smokey and the Bandit and Lone Wolf McQuade references, but:

A. Dean Trippe beat me to pointing out the radness of the latter.B. I pretty much summed up all my critical thoughts on the former.

The fact that Aaron and Ron Garney (the creative team on Get Mystique) are doing a Wolverine ongoing means I'll have to start buying that. Thanks a lot, everyone involved! Now I'll be part of the problem of more Wolvie and less Rocket Raccoon! I'll never be friends with Bill Reed now, despite the fact that we have like 90% similar taste.

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