Solomon Kane: Death's Black Riders #3

Story by
Art by
Mario Guevara
Colors by
Juan Ferreyra
Cover by
Dark Horse Comics

When you're trapped inside an inn that's been the scene of multiple murders and is now surrounded by a pack of evil, gruesome demons, the last thing you want to find out is that there's something equally gruesome trapped inside with you! Solomon Kane and a frightened priest may not live through the night! One will rely on his guts and guile, while the other will feel that consecrating the building with prayer will be enough to protect them. The Cleft Skull tavern seems to attract the deadliest sort of troubles Germany's Black Forest can offer-and the dangers found within and without the Cleft Skull threaten to destroy our strange hero and his frightened, new companion! Scott Allie (The Devil's Footprints, Exurbia) expands upon Robert E. Howard's classic Solomon Kane tale "Rattle of Bones" and the unfinished "Death's Black Riders" fragment, as Mario Guevara (Lone Ranger and Tonto) and Juan Ferreyra (Rex Mundi, Small Gods) join him to illustrate another horror-tinged adventure.


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