Solomon Kane #2

Story by
Art by
Mario Guevara
Colors by
Dave Stewart
Cover by
Dark Horse Comics

"It has fallen upon me, now and again in my sojourns through the world, to ease various evil men of their lives."

Mysteries emerge during Solomon Kane's stay in the Castle of the Devil--the beasts that prey upon the local peasantry make their presence known, and another body is discovered. Kane begins to doubt the legends about the ancient chapel beneath the castle. Did a devil--worshiping monk really die there at the hands of his brothers, or was there something even more sinister afoot? And what lives down there now?

Expands upon Robert E. Howard's unfinished "Castle of the Devil."

"With art and writing that perfectly captures the pulp weirdness of his birth, Solomon Kane officially becomes the only Puritan I've ever been a fan of. Don't miss out on these weird tales, you'll regret it."

-Ed Brubaker (Award-winning writer of Captain America, Criminal, and Iron Fist)

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