How the Ending of Solo: A Star Wars Story Sets Up a Sequel

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story, in theaters now.

When it was first announced that Disney had purchased Lucasfilm and that the studio would expand the Star Wars universe like never before, no one knew exactly what that meant. It was soon revealed that in addition to the continuation of the main saga told in Episodes XII through IX, we we would get "Anthology" movies exploring stories outside of the Skywalker family saga.

The first of those movie was Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which told the tale of a group of rebellion fighters who stole the plans to the Death Star, thus setting into motion the events of Star Wars: A New Hope. Given the plot at hand, most fans knew that this adventure was more than likely a one-way ticket for most characters involved -- and they were right.

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Rogue One was one-and-done story that led directly into the opening moments of the original Star Wars film. However, the new anthology film, Solo: A Star Wars Story is much different. While the movie serves as an origin story for everyone's favorite scruffy looking nerf herder, it doesn't lead right into the events of A New Hope. Instead, it serves as a beginning for Han's adventures and, in a departure from Rogue One's ending, it neatly sets up a sequel.

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As you would expect, Solo tells the tale of Han's early days and his dreams of becoming a pilot. The film takes the time to reveal the origins of all the big details we know about the character: How he met Chewbacca, how he befriended Lando Calrissian, how he first came to fly the Millennium Falcon and how he learned not to trust anybody but himself. But for Han, this is only the beginning. The film might end with Chewie and Han, co-pilot and pilot, jumping to lightspeed in a natural, fan-pleasing way, but they also have a precise destination set: Tatooine.

Thanks to Beckett, Han learned that there were big shot gangsters hiring smugglers and thieves for a special job. Of course, Star Wars fans know that these "gangsters" are the Hutts, whom Han has quite a bit of history with when we first meet him in A New Hope. Now that Han knows all that he can about the world of thieving and that life, he jumps head first into this next job.

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