Where Solo Falls Within the Star Wars Clone Wars/Rebels Timeline

In Season 5 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars the vicious Zabrak brothers raise hell throughout the galaxy in order to draw out Obi-Wan. At one point, they hire pirates to aid with their quest for revenge. And although they are betrayed by those scurvy dogs, Maul realizes strategic alliances could be the key to his revenge against the ginger Jedi.

Through intimidation and coersion, the horned twosome unite the Mandalorian terrorists Death Watch with top crime syndicates Black Sun, The Pykes and The Hutt Clans, christening the grouping the Shadow Collective. Yes, Maul’s reign of terror post-Phantom Menace was largely at the head of the most powerful mafia Star Wars has ever seen. So even though that criminal organization eventually fell apart, it should come as no surprise that his exploits in the underworld continued, including leading Crimson Dawn.

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Now, Maul also shows up in Season 2 and 3 of the Rebels animated series as a major player that greatly influences the show’s main character, Ezra Bridger. By this era, Maul is getting on in age and has been trapped on the planet Malachor for an unspecified amount of time. He tries to take Bridger as his own apprentice, and through their interaction, he is able to locate Obi-Wan.

By this point the old Jedi Master is in self-imposed exile on Tattooine. This is where the revenge driven Sith finally falls. Season 3 of Rebels takes place in 2 BBY. So, if you’ve been doing the math, Solo is 10 years after The Clone Wars: Season 4, 9 years after Revenge of Sith, and 8 years before Rebels: Season 3.

Star Wars: Rebels - Lando

Another character from the Skywalker saga that shows up on Rebels is Lando Calrissian. The smooth talking smuggler encounters the crew of the Ghost in Season 1. The episode is named after the highest hand in sabacc, Idiot’s Array, and it takes place in 5 BBY, which would make it five years after we see Lando lose the Millennium Falcon in the same game in Solo. It doesn't seem like he's replaced the customized YT-1300, because he ends up hiring the Spectres for a smuggling job in Rebels.

As an interesting side note, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story obviously takes place during 0 BBY because it is just a couple of days before Episode IV: A New Hope. However, the flashback of Galen Erso being taken by Director Krennic while Jyn Erso watches helplessly happens in 13 BBY. This is the same year Han manages to escape Lady Proxima and Corellia in Solo.

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