Solo Confronts the Biggest Mistake of the Star Wars Special Edition

Solo: A Star Wars Story

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story, in theaters now.

When Lucasfilm re-released the original Star Wars trilogy in the mid-90s, many small changes were made to the movies in order to bring them even closer to what George Lucas had originally envisioned. Small visual tweaks were made, adding in computer-generated alien creatures, and new special effects were used during the space battle sequences. Certain little continuity mistakes were corrected as well, like the addition of Jabba the Hutt in A New Hope, or the shock wave of the destruction of the Death Star.

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Most of these changes didn’t really affect the story, but there was one big change involving Han Solo that didn’t sit right with fans at all. In the original version of the film, when Greedo interrupts Han at the Mos Eisley Cantina, Han kills the green alien before he can get the drop on him. However, in the Special Edition of the movie, a laser shot was added in, fired from Greedo’s blaster, making him the first shooter in the altercation.

Han Solo Greedo

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This modification didn’t sit right with Han Solo fans, and remains a major point of contention to this day. The phrase “Han shot first” quickly entered the pop culture lexicon, along with the argument that changing the character-defining scene takes away part of what makes Han, well, Han. Han Solo was no longer a ruthless smuggler who didn't hesitate to kill an enemy in the middle of a bar. Suddenly, he was changed into someone who acted in self-defense -- and that is not the Han Solo fans the world over fell in love with.

After years of fans calling for George Lucas to change the scene back, to make it official canon that Han had indeed shot first, Solo: A Star Wars Story sets the record straight, once and for all -- and you might be pleased with what it has to say on the matter.

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