Solo's Sophomore Weekend at the Box Office Isn't Looking So Good

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story is flying, well, oh, so low at the box office, more or less confirming it will indeed finish as the lowest-grossing Star Wars film of all time.

Industry estimates project a second weekend total of just $29 million, with its Friday haul taking in just $8.1 million, a staggering 77 percent drop from the already-low $35.3 million the anthology film made on its opening day.

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The underperforming film has seen Disney and Lucasfilm addressing the issue, along with director Ron Howard. In comparison, Star Wars: The Last Jedi suffered a similar drop in its second weekend, although it opened to $220 million and eventually became the highest grossing release of 2017 with $1.33 billion.

Estimates have Solo on course to muster a global total of just $400-450 million, further opening debate as to whether or not the movie's turbulent production -- which saw Howard replace fired directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller -- affected ticket-buyers.

Some even believe that after the divisive The Last Jedi, fans were also suffering Star Wars fatigue; others felt that with Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2 out as well, Solo just had bad timing; and lastly, folks are also theorizing that Disney's late marketing push didn't register as anticipated.

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This drop has even allowed the Deadpool sequel to come within reach of taking back top spot in its third weekend, after a weekend total of $24 million, which is just enough to get it over the $250 million domestic mark by Sunday's end. Fighting for the third spot are Infinity War, in its sixth weekend, and the romance-survivalist drama Adrift, both estimated to make $11 million this weekend.

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