Which Legends Elements Solo Reintroduces Into Star Wars Canon

The Maw

This is another section of space that is quite unique. Originating in the 1994 novel Jedi Search by Kevin J. Anderson (Navigators of Dune), The Maw was a cluster of black holes near Kessel. The gravitational pull of this cosmic aberration is so extreme that it was slowly pulling in the whole Kessel system. In Solo, The Maw is a gravity well that is part of the Kessel Run. As Han and crew are trying to leave the mining planet they are almost pulled into this anomaly. However, a drop of Coaxium hyperfuel gives them the boost they need to escape.

Garris Shrike

While this character doesn’t show up by name in Solo, two characters are assigned keys aspects of his story. Shrike made his first appearance in A.C. Crispin’s novel The Paradise Snare (1997), which was the first book in The Han Solo Trilogy. This series documented Han’s early years, during which he was part of a gang of young street thieves led by the adult Shrike. This criminal was a father figure to Han, but was also highly abusive. If it isn’t apparent yet, both crime boss Lady Proxima (and her band of orphans) and Han’s mentor Tobias Beckett from Solo are partially adapted from Shrike. There isn't a depiction of this villain in any medium, so the picture above is from the cover of the book he debuted in.

Han the Imperial

In Legends continuity, Han always dreamed of being a pilot in the Imperial Navy as a youth. After escaping Garris Shrike’s firm grip, the young Solo eventually finds his way to Corusant and is accepted into the Imperial Academy. He graduates with honors and is given the rank of lieutenant. However, his time with the Empire doesn’t last long. He stuns a commanding officer to save an unarmed Wookiee, who is of course Chewbacca. When he is dishonorably discharged, he returns to smuggling with Chewbacca as his partner. This all happens in A.C. Crispin's The Han Solo Trilogy. In the film, it transpires quite differently, but the important story beats are there: Han enlists, he saves Chewie, he leaves the Empire.

Tag and Bink

While we haven't spotted this duo in the film yet, we're pretty sure they are in there. Director Ron Howard posted a pic to Twitter of Solo co-writer Jon Kasdan and assistant director Toby Hefferman dressed as Imperial Officers with the caption “#tagandbink?” Shortly after Kasdan confirmed that he and Hefferman would be playing the comic characters. Tag and Bink were the stars of a fourissue comic published by Dark Horse between 2001-2006 that tells the tale of how this Rebel twosome were present during every major event in all six movies (at the time). It’s worth noting that these fan-favorites were never truly canon, so their inclusion here gives them quite the promotion.

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