Solid Gold LEGO Block Sells at Auction for $15,000


So much attention is typically paid to exorbitantly priced LEGO sets that few realize there is another world of precious metal LEGO piece auctions resting right below the surface. The most recent precious metal LEGO sale to take place was the most expensive ever conducted -- netting one lucky American a 14-carat gold brick to the tune of $15,000.

gold lego

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According to the Mirror, the gold brick came at not only a high price, but with a very strange story, too. There are only a handful of bricks of this type in the wild, and that’s because the few that were ever made were only given to LEGO factory employees who had been with the company’s German branch for 25 years, and only between the years 1979 and 1981. The brick, which was sold on the auction site Catawiki, was the first of its type to be put up for auction since 2012. That gold brick went for a cool $10,000.

Aside from being made of gold, the brick is nearly indistinguishable from a standard LEGO. It’s a standard 2x4 brick that weighs 25.65 grams and can be used in LEGO building like any other piece.

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Whether you would want to use such a profoundly expensive piece with your Bucket Wheel Excavator or Arkham Asylum set is another matter altogether...

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