Solicit Statistics for July 2010


Number of $3.99 issues: 22

Percentage of DC's periodicals: 24.2%


Number of $3.99 issues: 70

Percentage of Marvel's periodicals: 68%

Dark Horse

Number of $3.99 issues: 0

Percentage of Dark Horse's periodicals: 0%


Number of $3.99 issues: 32

Percentage of IDW's periodicals: 91.4%


Number of $3.99 issues: 7

Percentage of Image's periodicals: 27%

Above numbers do not include collections, variants,  or "magazines". Only single issues, almost all of which are 48 pages or less. A 64-pager may have slipped in there somewhere.

Funnily enough, the majority of DC's $3.99 singles are at least 40 pages. Marvel includes 40-48pp singles in the mix, but many $3.99 titles are merely 32pp. Dark Horse, meanwhile, is finding a happy middle ground at $3.50 for all but its most popular titles, which remain at $2.99. Only three IDW singles aren't $3.99, and those are a $2 Parker prelude, a $7.99 Doctor Who annual, and a $9.99 Sam Keith sketchbook.

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