Sold out 'H-E-R-O' #1 and 2 to be collected

Official Press Release

Following the prepublication sell-outs of H-E-R-O #1 and 2, DC Comics will collect the stories from these issues in the H-E-R-O DOUBLE FEATURE (JAN035129) before issue #3 reaches stores.

The H-E-R-O DOUBLE FEATURE is scheduled to be in stores on April 2, with a cover price of $4.95 U.S.

"Getting the H-E-R-O DOUBLE FEATURE out before issue #3 hits the stands is just the solution I was hoping for," says Will Pfeifer, writer on the series. "Word of mouth is building on the book, and I'd hate for potential fans not to be able to get the issues they've heard about. This way, they can see where artist Kano and I are headed in the first two issues, then pick up the continued story just two weeks later."

"The momentum is building on this hot new series, and by shipping the H-E-R-O DOUBLE FEATURE so quickly we're giving new readers the chance to get in on the ground floor," says Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales & Marketing. "As always, we strongly recommend that retailers look at increasing their orders on upcoming issues."

Retailers may place orders for the H-E-R-O DOUBLE FEATURE (JAN035129) through their DC Sales Rep or their Diamond Comic Distributors Customer Service Representatives.

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