Sold Out "Grounded" To Be Collected

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GROUNDED tells the story of Jonathan, a normal kid sent to to a high-school for super-powered children after making a startling discoveryabout his parents. He now has to abandon his superhero fantasies anddeal with the reality that he's actually the only kid at schoolWITHOUT powers.

Writer Mark Sable enthuses, "I'm absolutely thrilled with how thetrade paperback came out. Because almost all of our issues went over22 pages, there's close to seven issues worth of material for only$14.99! We're glad our fans who've had trouble tracking down thesold out single issues can have the complete collection and we'reexcited for new readers who'll get to see Paul's striking art (and aglimpse at his process in the extras) for the very first time."

Aside from selling out multiple issues and even going to a secondprinting on its first issue, GROUNDED has also been gathering upaccolades since its introduction, including a "Must Have" rating fromIGN and "5 out of 5" from Silver Bullet Comics.

Recently, even comics legend Mike Mignola (creator of Hellboy) sungthe praises of GROUNDED, saying it was the "best book I've read allyear."

GROUNDED (JUN061688) is a 160-page, full-color trade paperbackretailing for $14.99 and is in-stores August 16th.

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