Sojourn #1 sells out, publisher considers second printing

Official Press Release

TAMPA, FL., July17, 2001 - After surprising retailers and fans alike by shipping Sojourn #1 a week early, CrossGen Comics has been informed by Diamond Distribution that Sojourn #1 has sold out. Ironically, the sell-out became official just two days before it was originally slated to go on shelves.

CrossGen launched the Sojourn title in June with a 32-page prequel, which was priced at $2.95 (what CrossGen usually charges for its 22-page monthly comics). By shipping the follow-up to the prequel, Sojourn #1, a week early, CrossGen delivered 54 pages of story and art within a three week time period.

"Crossgen has been synonymous with quality books and on time shipping for over a year now," said Jim Kuhoric, Manager of Diamond Comic Distributor, Inc.'s purchasing department. "Their comics rank among the best solicited in Previews each month but their newest project, Sojourn, has surpassed even their high standards of excellence. Sojourn #1 was an immediate sell out through Diamond and has had retailers and consumers alike clamoring for more copies of the newest edition to the growing world of Crossgen Comics."

The sell-out took place even in light of an announced 25 percent overship of Sojourn #1, which will arrive tomorrow in those stores that participate in Diamond Comic Distributors' overship program.

"I love it when a plan comes together," said CrossGen Publisher Mark Alessi. "When we saw what the Sojourn team was doing with the Prequel, and then issue #1, we knew it was an amazing piece of work. We were convinced that all we needed to do to make it a success was get it in front of as many people as possible as fast as we could. The fans proved us right, once again. Now, we'll be digging into our own private stock to fill some of the back orders, but that supply is limited to a few hundred copies. If we find demand is even greater than that, we just might go back to press on it with a second printing, but it's all up to the fans."

Sojourn is written by Ron Marz, penciled by Greg Land, inked by Drew Geraci, colored by Caesar Rodriguez and lettered by Dave Lanphear and Troy Peteri.

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