<i>Social Network's</i> Armie Hammer May Be The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger has been riding a roller-coaster lately. First, Ryan Gosling was in talks to take the lead role, opposite Johnny Depp as the masked Texas Ranger's Native American sidekick, Tonto. Then that fell through. Now there's a new name in the running for the Gore Verbinski-directed Disney flick: Armie Hammer.

Hammer, who played Cameron Winklevoss and the head of Tyler Winklevoss in The Social Network -- Josh Pence was Tyler's body -- is said to be in "early talks" for the role, Deadline reports. That's really all there is to the news at this point, but Deadline seems pretty confident he'll be landing the role.

Which is fine. As I've said previously, the man behind that mask shouldn't be anyone too recognizable, at least not within the action world. I'll be curious to see if Hammer can play a defender of justice as well as he does a whiny rich kid, but he's got the charisma and the talent to lead the film. The Verbinski/Disney/Depp trio is a potent combination, as the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie proved. If Ranger works out for Hammer, it could be just the post-Social Network launchpad he needs to move from respected actor to leading man. The question is, do you think he's the right guy for the role?

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