Soccer team's 'terrifying' uniform ripped from pages of 'Attack on Titan'

In the life-or-death struggle between humanity and the flesh-devouring Titans, it appears humanity has lost -- at least on the soccer field.

Spanish soccer team C.D. Palencia last week debuted new uniforms, apparently intended to reference its motto (roughly translated), ""We give our skin," meaning they give their all. But what probably have seemed like a good idea on paper appears to have veered off course in execution, leading to anatomical kits that media have dubbed "terrifying," "horrendous," "an assault on the eyes" and "like something out of a biology textbook."

While Game of Thrones fans will undoubtedly look at the uniforms and think of the "flayed man" of House Bolton, but Anime News Network reports Japanese news sites have noted how closely they resemble the towering Colossal Titan of Attack on Titan.

See? What soccer team couldn't use a seemingly unstoppable 60-meter-tall giant? Just think of the kicking power!

The uniforms were designed by Italian sportswear company Kappa for the upcoming playoffs. Presumably afterward C.D. Palencia will revert to gear less controversial and ... Titan-like.

The uniforms are available for purchase for about $57.

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