So, yeah, this isn't working, really.

I'm sending this in a letter to Brian, too.

Lately I've been questioning why I'm writing the Media Reviews.  They've seemed even more pointless than usual.  I don't enjoy doing it.  I'm generally saying the same stuff month after month.  And if I was going to get someone to try a book, it's happened by now.  I'm treading water and not enjoying it.

I first left CSBG over editorial or creative differences or whatever and I think it's just more and more become a place that's very different from how I envisioned it.  And that's fine, it's got its own life and its own fans or readers.  I just don't think I, or the Media Review, really, belong here.  I gave it another shot and it just didn't work out; just like when you give your ex another shot.  There was a reason we broke up in the first place, and over time we've just become more and more like ourselves.

I was excited to take my writings to a larger audience, but, in the end, I don't think I work well with a larger audience.  Thank you to those of you that have expressed your fondness for my stuff, but most of you would probably read it elsewhere anyway.  Or you could read me at World of Awesome if you care to read about more than comics.

Anyway, Brian, I'll miss your idiosyncratic diction.  Greg B (elementary stylee), I'll miss being bewildered by your terrible, terrible taste.  Greg H, keep up the good work and the "teachers at CSBG" spirit alive.  Pol:  The Rocketeer is a terrible movie; it just is.  MarkAndrew, you get to be the token indie guy now, so try to be more of an asshole or something.  Or less, either way.  Bill, I eagerly await "favorite staples" month for the 365 Days.  And Dick Hyacinth, you don't post here, but thanks for clearing me up when I needed it.  And if I forgot an actual contributor (that little turd Seavey doesn't count still, right?) then I apologize.

To my readers, well, who am I kidding.  I never had any, anyway.  God Bless or go to hell, whichever suits your fancy.

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