So Tim Drake Was Never Robin?

An interesting revelation at one of DC's panels today at SDCC is that Teen Titans writer Scott Lobdell will reveal how Tim Drake became a superhero, and apparently he was always Red Robin, never Robin.

It seems as though the origin will stay pretty much the same (Tim Drake figuring out Batman's secret identity) but he never actually takes on the Robin identity.

I don't know if I like the idea, but I guess it does make Tim stand out a bit.

Read on to see the bit from Teen Titans #1 that seems to contradict this.

So, in Teen Titans #1, Tim looks at an old picture of Batman and himself in action. Setting aside the question of how did they get such a picture (did they pose for it? Weird), it sure looks like he is Robin there, huh?

I suppose they could be saying that he was RED Robin in that picture and that everything else happened the same, he was just never called Robin.

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