So Marilyn Monroe <i>Didn't</i> Elope With A Stranger In A Bow Tie?

Wikipedia administrators had to protect the Marilyn Monroe entry on Monday from Doctor Who fans looking to rewrite the legendary actress' timeline.

The sudden wave of revisionist history was triggered by a scene in Saturday's Christmas special in which the Doctor attempts to escape a 1950s Hollywood party, where he "just accidentally got engaged to Marilyn Monroe." With that, eager Who fans were off to Wikipedia, where the entry on the starlet's personal life was edited to read:

Funnier still is the "revision history" page for the entry, where you can see a chronicle of frustrated Wikipedia reviewers requesting "verifiable facts, not rumors." Shortly before the entry's protection level was increased to "spare reviewers from Dr. Who fans," one editor quipped, "Yes, I saw the Dr Who Xmas Special too. Great show, wasn't it? But you also know that this is just going to be reverted immediately, don't you?"

You can read Spinoff contributor Erik Amaya's recap of the Christmas special, "A Christmas Carol," here.

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