<b>So. Cal Comics retailer burgled, $1700 worth of product stolen</b>

Official Press Release

Santa Clarita, CA- In the early morning hours of Saturday, January 17th, unknown burglarssmashed their way into the storefront of Brave New World Comics on LyonsAvenue in Santa Clarita. The burglars then smashed open the glass-front casein the back of the store and stole over $1700 worth of Gold and Silver Agecomics and statues.

"Unlike break-ins in the past," commented Atom!, the proprietor of BraveNew World, "this was done by people who knew what they were looking for."The cash register and computers were left alone, and the only items stolenwere high priced comics and collectable statues.

Among the items stolen on Saturday:

Amazing Spider-Man #2 - Fair to Good (missing a piece of the upper right-hand cover)

X-men #94 - VF+

Conan #1 - Fine+

Fantastic Four #2 - Fine+

Batman #67 - Fine

Sandman Snowglobe

Atom! asks that if you, or your store, approached by anyone trying to sellthese items, please contact him immediately with any information.

Loss of high-priced comic books was not the worst of the damage done by theburglars on Saturday morning. In their efforts to break-in, an exteriorglass door was shattered, sending glass flying throughout the store. TheKids book and graphic novel display was covered with glass, rendering theentire inventory dangerous and unsaleable. To gain access to the lightedshowcase that housed the statues and comics, the glass doors were smashed,breaking or damaging two-thirds of the merchandise in that case.

"The worst part about all of this has been the loss of our Kids Booksection. That won't be easy to rebuild," continued Atom!. Though, severalpublishers have already contributed to the rebuilding effort, Brave NewWorld estimates that it will take several months to restock the children'sbooks that were damaged.

Brave New World has been has been providing comics and fun for the entirefamily since 1990, and is very active in their neighborhood and the greatercomics community. Atom!, Portlyn and the entire staff of Brave New World aredetermined to not let this event slow down their plans for 2004. Says Atom!"It'll take more than some idiot with a bat to keep us from our greatestyear, yet!"

If you have any information that may help police find and prosecute theparties responsible for this crime, please contact Atom!, at Brave NewWorld, 661-259-4745, mail@bravenewworldcomics.com

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