So, Bane and Catwoman in the Next Batman Movie?

I am sure that Christopher Nolan will have his own particular twist on these two characters, and both Hathaway and Hardy are strong actors.

But of all the Batman villains to pick from, choosing Bane seems fairly odd.

I guess Nolan is just going to totally revamp him to the point where he's barely recognizable. And "Venom" WAS a cool storyline from Legends of the Dark Knight, so I can see that being adapted. Otherwise, I don't know what the idea would be. I guess you just have to trust that Nolan knows what he's doing, as it worked with the first two films (although Two-Face and Joker are so much cooler than Bane I don't know if it is a fair comparison).

Then again, I certainly expect to see the following two comics adapted (not really, but it would amuse me if it happened)...

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