Snyder: Why Doomsday's In "Batman v Superman"; "Relationship" to Wonder Woman's Appearance

The appearance of Doomsday in the "Batman v Superman" trailer took a lot of people by surprise, but according to director Zack Snyder, the mutated goliath is the perfect adversary for DC's Trinity.

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In an upcoming issue of Empire magazine (via ComicBookMovie.com), Snyder justified his reasoning for using Doomsday in the film, calling the classic '90s foe is a suitable threat for Bats and Supes. "To go up against heroes like Batman and Superman, we wanted to introduce one of the DC Universe's most iconic and powerful villains," said Snyder. "He is essentially an unstoppable force. He poses a real threat to the world within the film."

Snyder also gave away that Lex's (Jesse Eisenberg) obsession with metahumans has a direct connection to the appearance of Gal Gadot's "Wonder Woman" in the film. "You learn pretty early on that Lex is interested in metahuman existence," Snyder told the mag, "and that there might be some relationship between that investigation and the appearance of Diana Prince."

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"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" hits theaters on March 25.

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