Snyder Teases Duke Thomas Series Spinning Out of All-Star Batman

In an interview with CBR, acclaimed "All-Star Batman" writer Scott Snyder teased a series he has in mind starring Duke Thomas, the latest protege to Batman, and a major character in his current run on the Caped Crusader.

Though he's currently unknown to fans outside the realm of comics, Duke played a big role in Snyder and Greg Capullo's "Zero Year" arc on "Batman," before going on to factor in the "Endgame" arc, the series "We Are Robin," and most recently, the latest volumes of "Batman" and "All-Star Batman" that launched as part of DC Comics' Rebirth. Donning a sleek, yellow suit and the codename "Lark," Duke is being trained by Batman as a full-fledged partner -- but not a Robin.

While talking with CBR, the author discussed the character's growing importance to Gotham, and whether he might potentially don the cowl one day. "In this way, it's fun to think about Duke as the figure that could be the next one to take on the mantle of Batman, but the most important thing is finding a role for him in Gotham right now."

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As for Snyder's plans for the character going forward, the scribe mentioned in the interview that he's actively "trying to do a series" with Duke, alongside other creators. "It was really Geoff Johns, honestly, talking to [Geoff] and okaying a lot of this stuff with him that was terrifically helpful. I think we have something really special here with Duke, and I have a long runway with this character in terms of setting him up here and trying to do a series with him myself, with other creators, as well, once he is up and running."

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You can check out CBR's full chat with Snyder and "All Star Batman" artist Declan Shalvey ("Moon Knight") here.

Snyder's "All-Star Batman" #2 is in stores now; "All-Star Batman" #3 hits stands on October 19.

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