Snyder Teases "Batman's" Future, "Wytches" Movie Developments, "American Vampire's" Return

With so many developments in the core "Batman" title currently percolating -- including the beginning of "Batman Eternal's" final act and the "Endgame" arc in the core title -- series scribe Scott Snyder took to the DC Comics Subreddit for an AMA, and discussed the entire body of his work, including some developments on the announced film adaptation of his Image Comics series "Wytches," the possibility of returning to his vision of Batman's future and much more.

Here are some highlights:

He and Jock are involved in the "Wytches" film: Snyder said the process of bringing "Wytches" to the big screen is "going really well." "Plan B have been terrific about keeping Jock and me involved even more than they have to," he said. "We spoke to the screenwriter recently and his ideas were so good I'm stealing a couple -- honestly, it's all a bit head-spinning!"

On Sean Murphy's possible return to "Batman": When asked if he and collaborator Sean Murphy had a Batman story planned, Snyder confirmed that they did. Later on in the AMA, when asked about how Bruce Wayne dies, Snyder gave a quick recap of his "Detective Comics" #27 story with Murphy that saw a new Bruce Wayne clone enter the world every 27 years to replace the old Bruce Wayne, saying "Sean and I have plans to return to this story sometime in the near future."

Snyder's hypothetical take on "Wonder Woman": Snyder was asked about Wonder Woman a few times over the course of his AMA -- given his previous expressed desire to take on the Amazonian -- and he provided a brief synopsis of his hypothetical take. "[It] would give her a big role in the DCU while building on what [Brian Azzarello] and Cliff [Chiang] did so wonderfully," he said. "I'd like to see her with a base, a cast, a mission. I have a big story in mind. If I'd had time, I'd have pushed to do it. Hoping to build in time soon, though I'm excited to see what David and Meredith [Finch] do, too!"

Why he's not participating in "Convergence": With DC's big "Convergence" event coming down the line, Snyder's name is notably absent on the creator's credits -- as are many of the publisher's regular writers. For Snyder's part, he mentioned he was excited for the event, but "I just have too much on my plate."

"We have a lot happening in the Bat books right now, and that leads to big things in June," he continued.

The writer also teased that there would be "a very big change (a few, but one in particular)" that will not come from "Convergence," but will come from "Endgame" and the other Bat-books.

The difference between creator-owned and work-for-hire books: Snyder also expressed his personal opinion on the difference between creator-owned books (like "Wytches") and work-for-hire licensed characters (like "Batman"). "Writing creator-owned and writing licensed characters are sort of inverted processes (for me at least)," Snyder said. "With licensed characters, the challenge is to find a way to make something personal, something that only you could write because it speaks to your fears and interests while still staying true to the character. With creator owned, it's inherently personal, it's that way by nature, so the challenge is making it accessible. Making other people care about something you care deeply about. Rather than working in a world people already deeply care about and making something you care about."

On the recent lack of "American Vampire: Second Cycle": Snyder admitted the "American Vampire" team had fallen behind as a result of the prose issue. "Totally my fault," he said. "I simply underestimated how long a prose issue would take me. So DC felt it best to reformat the way we do the series a bit and wait 'til the trade for this arc comes out to start up with the next arc. Like the trade for #1-#5 will come out in Jan and we'll pick up again right after and roll straight through the next arc -- the Space race secret Cold War one."

That said, there won't be much of a delay once the trade hits for the series to continue. "#6 is all done. We're well into this next arc -- DC just thought releasing it when the trade came out would make more sense," he continued. "And we'd roll on from there! And thanks -- truly. 'AV' is like the thing that if I had to shoot one work I've done into space to represent me to aliens, that'd be it. I'm as proud of the other books I've done or am doing, but 'AV' has everything I love in it -- I can write about anything and everything that interests me there, so it's really dear to my heart."

He also confirmed that "Second Cycle" will be "the final section" of the "American Vampire" saga, but that it will be "a lot of issues," teasing "a good five arcs, more, to it" -- and the series as a whole is "only about 1/2 over."

After "Endgame": While Snyder was pretty tight-lipped on most of what's coming up -- including the possible "Dark Knight 3" project with Frank Miller, on which he said he couldn't comment -- he did mention something interesting about his plans for "Batman" post-"Endgame." "[I] definitely want to use a couple of big rogues (but post-'Endgame' I'll be making up some new ones, too)," he said.

As for the teased year two of "Batman Eternal," Snyder said the story was "currently being worked on" and it would be "very different next time around -- story, scope, all of it."

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