Snyder & Romita's "All-Star Batman" a Mix of "Mad Max: Fury Road" and "The Defiant Ones"

In the DC Comics June Previews catalog, the initial creative team of "All-Star Batman" -- consisting of longtime "Batman" scribe Scott Snyder and veteran artist John Romita Jr. -- offered up some clues for their upcoming Two-Face-centric arc, which is being touted as "Mad Max: Fury Road" meets "The Defiant Ones."

The catalog notes that "All-Star Batman" is Snyder's "one epic Batman story left to tell." He'll be working on the series with Romita Jr., in addition to Jock, Declan Shalvey, Tula Lotay and Sean Murphy.

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"Batman takes Harvey Dent cross-country with an offer to fix his face," Snyder said, teasing the first arc. They note in the mag that Two-Face offers "a massive reward to anyone who can stop them."

Snyder added, "This is Two-Face like you've never seen him. I want to make him really scary, a modern Jekyll and Hyde. When he was D.A., Harvey exploded his job to get dirt on everyone. Two-Face is about to exploit all that...sort of like the hacker group Anonymous."

The duo also offered up the following rules for creating Batman stories:

Scott Snyder:

RULE #1: Make it personal."Writing Batman has helped me overcome a lot of anxiety and fears about everyday life. Writing Batman forces you to be brave and confident. A lot of things my kids worry about - random violence, natural disasters, crime - I want to address in our stories to empower the readers, as well as myself."

RULE #2: Remember he's got the best villains in the world."In our first ALL-STAR arc, we kick off with Two-Face, but you'll see Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc...and the biggest villain reveal yet, the mysterious mastermind behind it all. They're all extensions of his worst fears, and we'll be giving you takes on these characters you've never seen before."

RULE #3: Don't be afraid to use Batman's supporting cast."Dick, Tim, Alfred, Damian, Jason...he's got a great cast. Duke Thomas ('Batman: Zero Year' and 'We Are Robin') is a guy we'll be touching on a bit in this book. Batman brings him into the fold, but not as a Robin - he doesn't want a new sidekick. Duke could either be better than Batman...or wind up a villain."

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John Romita Jr.

RULE #1: Know your history."With a character like Batman, you always consider who came before you: Neal Adams, Jim Lee, Greg Capullo. I went back and reread 'Dark Knight Returns.' Then I stick with what got me here."

RULE #2: Get in the mood.

"Drawing Batman, he's got a great silhouette. He's a very visual character, and Gotham is always a moody place. I love the reality and the grit of the place. It's like New York, but not New York, you know?

RULE #3: Compete to win.

"Competition is what drives me. I'm not the best, but why not strive to be the best, you know? But I'm a little nervous about these guys who are following me [on 'All-Star Batman']. If they do better than me, I'll say, 'Damn!' and get after it again."

"All-Star Batman" #1 hits stands in August.

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