Snyder Offers Early Mini-Review of Bendis & Reis' Man of Steel #1


Scott Snyder has given fellow scribe Brian Michael Bendis a warm welcome to the DC Universe in the form of a positive mini-review for his and Ivan Reis' Man of Steel #1.

Writing on Twitter, Snyder indicated he's read a copy of Man of Steel #1 ahead of the issue's release and noted it's, quite simply, "epic."

"Full of fun, action, emotion and surprise," Snyder praised. "Bold, passionate storytelling all around."

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Snyder's kind words are a passing of the torch of sorts, as the Dark Nights: Metal scribe has written Superman on a number of occasions, famously teaming up with DC Entertainment co-publisher and artist extraordinaire Jim Lee on the Superman: Unchained mini-series.

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Hitting stands on May 30, Bendis and Reis' Man of Steel #1 kicks of a new era for the Sentinel of Tomorrow as Bendis, a longtime Marvel Comics writer, makes the jump to DC to formally kick-off his vision for Superman with Reis, an illustrator who's no stranger to the character, having drawn him countless times over the years, perhaps most memorably for his and Geoff Johns' run on Justice League at the dawn of the New 52 initiative.

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