Snyder Jumps Six Months Later For "Batman" Spoiler Issue

Although Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's "Zero Year: Dark City" arc was originally scheduled to conclude in "Batman" #28, Snyder took to Twitter with a lengthy post on Tuesday to announce a one-month delay in the conclusion of the epic Batman origin -- but it's a delay that readers will likely get excited about. In what Snyder dubs as a thank you to the fans for supporting "Zero Year," Snyder, James Tynion IV and artist Dustin Nguyen will craft an entire issue that takes place six months in the future of the current DC Universe, which "reveals all sorts of massive surprises coming to Gotham in the spring and summer of 2014."

"Believe me, the issue will have a lot of surprises," Snyder said in his post. "After all the support you've shown us on Batman -- and on ['Zero Year'] especially -- we owe you BIG. Big like a debt we can never, ever repay, big. But with this issue, we'll try very hard to fill the pages with thank you spoilers."

It's a bold move on Snyder's part -- comic creators and publishers tend to keep upcoming story points pretty close to the chest, and an issue filled with spoilers -- an advance look at the state of Gotham City and the DC Universe six months in advance is an exciting prospect, to say the least. Not only is Snyder continuing his "Batman" saga, he's also the writer on one of DC's weekly series, "Batman Eternal." As one of the major forces behind the DCU, Snyder is sure to have plenty of insight to share on upcoming developments.

With "Batman" #28 now set for a Six Months Later issue, "Batman" #29 will conclude the "Dark City" arc of "Zero Year" -- but that wasn't all Snyder had to share. The writer immediately took to Twitter to post a character design by Dustin Nguyen for the spoiler issue of -- in Snyder's words -- "a new (?) character appearing in the new #28."

"Batman" #28 is scheduled to release February 12.

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