Snyder Investigates the Past in "Detective Comics"

DC Comics' string of Batman related announcements for 2011 continued today with The Source putting the Dark Knight's ongoing adventures in "Detective Comics" under the magnifying glass.

"Detective Comics" #27 first introduced the world to the Caped Crusader in 1939. Over 70 years and 850 issues later, numerous writers have left their fingerprints all over the title, from James Robinson to Paul Dini to current "'Tec" architect, relative newcomer Scott Snyder. Snyder began his "Detective" work with November's issue #871, moving the book away from Bruce Wayne, giving Dick Grayson a chance to show off his investigative skills.

While speaking with The Source, Snyder revealed that in the coming months, he plans on introducing a bevy of new mysteries and characters, including Sonya Zucco -- the daughter of gangster Tony Zucco, the man responsible for the death of Dick's parents -- a re-imagined version of an old foe and of course the Clown Prince of Crime himself. However, the biggest tease comes from a character long missing from the Batman mythos, Commissioner Gordon's son, James Gordon Jr.

"In just the first few months of the new year, we'll be introducing you to a host of characters we're very excited about. Some, like Sonya Zucco, daughter of Tony Zucco, the man who killed Dick's parents, will be brand new. Others, like vicious gangster and pirate Tiger Shark are re-imaginings of colorful old foes," says Snyder. "And of course, you'll see a lot more of a character I'm very, very thrilled to write, - Commissioner Jim Gordon's son, James Jr., who, after years away from Gotham, has recently returned with his own mysterious agenda - and who, if Barbara is to be believed, might just be one of the scariest sociopaths ever to walk the Gotham streets."

Check out The Source for more, and keep it locked to CBR for word on DC's next announcement.

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