Snyder Hints at Return of Super-Mullet in "Justice League"

With production underway on "Justice League" in London right now, there's one major question on the minds of those that saw "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" -- and we'll get a spoiler alert up now just in case you haven't seen the film yet.

Ready? "BvS" pushes the Man of Steel to his limits and, just like in the source material, Superman's fight with the Doomsday monster ends with both characters dying almost simultaneously. The film ends on parallel funerals, both Clark Kent and Superman's, with the final shot being the dirt on Superman's grave momentarily levitating. But with Superman dead and the hints about his return left to levitating dirt, what role will he have in 2017's "Justice League" team-up film? Director Zack Snyder's not saying.

"I guess that's part of the story," said Snyder when asked by the press during a "Justice League" set visit if Henry Cavill's Superman is part of the film. "If he does appear, I think that that would be a big part of the story, right?" Snyder also said that "there's a process, clearly, that would have to go on" in order to explain his resurrection.

But if he does come back, Snyder made sure to address a very important matter regarding Superman's look: his hair. When Superman returned from the dead in the early '90s, he sported what can only be described as a mullet. Will "Justice League" remain faithful to the comics? Snyder laughed and said, "[His hair] should be perfect. A little longer, I guess! That's what the myths are anyway."

But what about that levitating dirt? Snyder, who also directed "BvS," knows what he did; when it was pointed out that he consciously ended that movie with the dirt moving, he responded, "Yes, very consciously!"

Snyder did elaborate on why he ended "BvS" with Superman's death, saying that he felt Superman needed a reason to be Superman. "And just to finish my idea, what I was going to say about the 'Batman versus Superman' concept, is that inherently, also, you've got to remember the whole thread of that was to draw those two into conflict," said Snyder. "I felt like they were both evolving, in mind anyway. I wanted to get to a Superman that had a reason to be Superman, like a reason to feel the way he felt about humanity, that we all understand from the comic books -- as far as a moral compass goes, he's pretty much the thing. But I feel like he had to go through something to be that. And I'm not saying he shows up in this movie..."

It's worth pointing out that the official synopsis and cast list for "Justice League," which was revealed earlier this week, includes Cavill. "Justice League" opens on November 17, 2017.

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