Snyder Gives a "Watchmen" Update

Following a private screening and Q&A of "300" in Los Angeles Wednesday evening (we'll have a full report on that shortly), Director Zack Snyder spoke briefly about progress on the "Watchmen" feature film, which we should note is still a long way from production and/or a scheduled release date.

Apparently, a script has been handed into the studio to look over and it also includes a script written for "The Black Freighter" portions of "Watchmen." As readers of the graphic novel know, "The Black Freighter" is the comic-within-a -comic which provides a powerful narrative device for the main story. Snyder went on to say that at this early stage he had no idea whether or not "The Black Freighter" story would make it into the final script or film. Of course, "The Black Freighter" story could easily be excised from the final film as it's not critical to the overall story, but it certainly would make purists very happy.

When the conversation turned to how "Watchmen" might be shot - would they primarily use green screens like were used in "300" and "Sin City?" - Snyder said it would be a combination of sets and green screens, saying the Mars, Antarctica and possible "Black Freighter" sequences would likely require green screens, but the rest would be filmed on sets.

The subject of the very naked, very blue skinned Dr. Manhattan was brought up and when asked, Snyder said there'd definitely be a large, blue, naked guy in "Watchmen."

Finally, when asked would he be speaking with Alan Moore prior to the launch of filming, he said he would like to and really hoped he got that chance. During the production of "V For Vendetta," Moore swore off any involvement with film or television productions of his work.

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