Snyder Discusses "Man of Steel" Death Toll, Teases Sequel Details

To promote the release of "Man of Steel" on Blu-ray, Director Zack Snyder took to Yahoo! this weekend to answer fan questions about the film and its upcoming sequel, which will feature a meeting between Henry Cavill's Superman and Ben Affleck's Batman. Along the way, he addressed the death of Zod at Superman's hands, defended the wanton destruction of Metropolis and teased a few hints about the next film's villain, Lex Luthor.

Hosted by Kevin Smith, the Q&A also featured Cavill and Amy Adams, who played Lois Lane.

In regards to the death of Zod, whose neck was snapped by Superman, Snyder said the notion that Superman doesn't kill came from his appearances on television and the movies. "That rule doesn't exist in the comics. In the comics, he's actually killed Zod a couple of times," Snyder said. "In the comics he's more of a practical hero. His aversion to killing won't stop him from doing it if it's the only solution."

With Zod, Snyder argued, Superman had no other choice.

"He's fighting his equal. He has no advantage," said Snyder. "Zod's a warrior, has trained his entire life, can fight 100 times better than Superman. Technically, he's outgunned in that scenario, and he should lose."

Snyder estimated that about 5,000 people died in Metropolis as a result of the fight between Zod and Superman, "There's a sadness to the end of the movie - there's a human price, and that's what weighs on Superman. This is his first time out - he's learning," Snyder said.

In regards to the sequel, Snyder said Luthor will enjoy calling Superman "an alien," and to expect a physical confrontation between Batman and Superman. "Whether they start off fighting and then they're friends or they're friends and then they fight, the question is emotionally how do they fit together?"

Snyder also gave a plug for DC Entertainment's "We Can Be Heroes" campaign, noting that artists Dave Correia, Alex Pardee and Jonathan Wayshak have created three new pieces inspired by the "Man of Steel" sequel that are currently up for auction on eBay.

You can view the entire chat below:

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