Supporters of the 'Snyder Cut' Launch Suicide Prevention Fundraiser

Zack Snyder on the set of Justice League

When director Zack Snyder was forced to exit Justice League due to a personal tragedy, it was announced that Joss Whedon would step in to finish the film for Snyder -- with the expectation that Snyder would still receive full directing credit. This, for fans of the director, suggested the film would continue with Snyder's vision, however, in the end, the Justice League film that hit theaters was rumored to be a far cry from the film Snyder had envisioned -- thus beginning the campaign for Warner Bros. to release the "Snyder Cut." And while many have often viewed it as a running gag, the DC Extended Universe fans that are still hopeful for a "Snyder Cut" have opted to do some good by launching a suicide prevention fundraiser to do some good in the world.

The fundraiser is being headed by the folks behind ForSnyderCut.com, and was announced by the site's founder Fiona Zheng on Twitter. The campaign is hoping to raise money for the American Federation for Suicide Prevention by utilizing the hashtag #5For5, which calls for $5 donations from fans. Thus far, the campaign has already hit $1,000 in donations, and Snyder, himself, has taken notice and thanked those behind the #5For5 campaign on Vero.

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The decision to raise funds for the American Federation for Suicide Prevention is due to the tragedy that led to Snyder exiting Justice League. While working on the film, Snyder's daughter, Autumn, took her own life. At the time, the Snyders understandably decided to keep the tragedy quiet, as their family sought time to heal. But it soon became clear Snyder needed more time away to be with his family, and ultimately decided, along with his wife, Deborah, to step away from Justice League.

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No matter where you stand regarding the "Snyder Cut," there's no denying that what these DCEU fans have opted to do is noteworthy, and quite honestly, impressive.

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