Snyder & Capullo Tease Future Of Bat Family With #BatmanChat

DC Comics Dark Knight had a big week this week. After the epic finale of Scott Snyder and Greg Capillo's "Endgame" arc with "Batman" #40 (read CBR's review or an interview with the creators), the events of DC's Free Comic Book day offering shifted the status quo for the character in a major way (have it unpacked here). Amidst all that action, Snyder and Capullo celebrated Batman Day (it's a thing) with a Q&A via DC's Twitter feed, and #BatmanChat led to some surprising revelations.

The fallout from "Endgame" -- particularly in regards to what happened to the extended Bat Family -- took up a majority of the fan-submitted questions. The creators played coy on the fate of some creations (Alfred was jokingly referred to as becoming the new Nightwing and a pirate captain) but other cast members will survive to take on new roles.

Unexpected arrival in the story Dick Grayson will return to his ongoing "Grayson" series rather than stick around in Gotham, and it will also be a while before Robin Damian Wayne experiences the fallout of his father's apparent death. Snyder explained that, "We didn't want to bring Damian back before Pete [Tomasi] got to in ['Batman and Robin'] so we left him out. No story reason." Though the writer did add, "But I will say that he's a tough character for me to write and I tend to avoid him. I love reading stories w/ him, but I have trouble writing him as my older son is almost his age. Too close for me."

In more definite news, when asked about fan favorite former Batgirl Cassandra Cain, the writer teased, "We have very immediate plans for Cass. Not indefinite, like years away plans, but like very soon plans. Stay tuned." Similarly, Snyder again confirmed the plans for a second year of the weekly series "Batman Eternal" when asked about his and Capullo's own female addition to the Bat Family. Asked about an origin story for Bluebird Harper Row, Snyder said, "You would see it in season 2 of 'Eternal'...that is, I mean - cough cough- if we do one - #notannouncedyet"

As a new Gotham City and a new Batman take over the book in June, the creators expect to slowly reveal how the loss of Bruce Wayne affects the world including the Justice League as Snyder said, "Yes, their reactions will be addressed."

A frequent revisionist when it comes to trade collections of his work, Snyder will also be tweaking some "Endgame" moments before the eventual hardcover, including the method by which the Joker's face became damaged late in the tale. "I meant to suggest that the cave defenses attacked him before he emerged. will make clearer in trade!" he wrote.

As far as how long their run will last past the incoming "Batman" #50, Snyder said, "I think we're just playing it by ear. I have more stories, I'd work w/ Greg on anything anywhere so I think we'll just see where we are, how you guys feel, all of it when we get there?" Capullo added that he and Snyder would love to keep working together, and pressed on another DC character they could tackle, he wrote, "Old school LOBO would be a bloody good time." Snyder himself said, "I'd work with Greg on anything, anywhere. Licensed, creator owned. Learn from this guy every day - makes me a better writer."

But before any other projects can be hatched, the pair have a major arc of "Batman" to plan, and as the artist said, new villains will be in the offing. "YES!!! And, THEY ARE COOL!"

Outside their own "Batman" plans, the long-rumored capped to Frank Miller's "Dark Knight" trilogy -- recently announced at C2E2 -- came up, and while writer Brian Azzarello has been declared the co-writer, rumored collaborator Snyder said of his supposed involvement, "Still truth to that. but more to come soon." For his part, Capullo said, "I can't wait! I'm a sucker for Frank Miller!" so it seems unlikely he will be taking part in the project.

One project Capullo did have an opinon on was the recently released image of Jared Let as the Joker in Warner Bros. "Suicide Squad." The artist said, "It was pretty rad. But, I heard it was just a troll" -- potentially fueling talk that the prison-centric image was some kind of a fakeout before the final film version of the character debuts.

Stay tuned to CBR for more on the future of "Batman."

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