Snyder and Jock's "Wytches" Gets Big Screen Option

In Scott Snyder and Jock's Image Comics series "Wytches," a young girl in a new town interacts with some strange forces. So it's fitting that the series is now bringing the pair of creators into contact with a new challenge all their own: Hollywood.

Deadline has word that the comic - whose first issue just hit this week - has been optioned for a film by production company New Regency who plans to adapt it with partner Plan B. The project isn't unheard of for the partnership as the "12 Years A Slave" producers have made many moves into genre entertainment over the last several years. Aside from the "World War Z" film headlines by Plan B partner Brad Pitt, the pair of companies is also working on a film adaptation of art comics master Charles' Burns' "Black Hole."

Snyder described the book in a recent CBR interview, saying, "One of the reasons 'Wytches' is scary to me is because the monsters are scary -- the monsters are really scary the way Jock designed them. I think they look different than anything you've seen. But what's scary about it is, witches, traditionally, are cannibalistic. They eat children -- well, in the short, they eat anybody, but children are their favorite!

"I think what the book is about is this guilt and desire you have as a parent to be the parent your child wants. You want to be this perfect parent, you want to live for them and sacrifice everything. There's an aching desire too, to live for yourself and have a healthy, individuated life, and what witches do, they're kind of gods of the self."

Stay tuned to CBR for more on the "Wytches" movie as it becomes available.

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