<i>Snow White: Through a Glass Darkly</i> coming from SLG next year

Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer writer Van Jensen dropped us a note about his next project, which attendees at HeroesCon last weekend had the chance to check out in the form of a five-page preview. Jensen and Val the Red Beard creator Robin Holstein are working on Snow White: Through a Glass Darkly, a new six-issue series due from SLG Publishing next year.

According to Jensen, the tagline for the book is, "We all think we know the story of Snow White, the poor girl who suffered under her evil stepmother. But what if the stepmother wasn't evil after all? What if the mirror was evil?"

Look for it next spring, and in the meantime, be sure to check out Holstein's webcomic, Val the Red Beard, which is about pirates in flying ships fighting monsters that live inside village-destroying storms. He's posted seven strips so far, it looks like, so you'll be getting in on the fun early.

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