SNL Sketch Solves a Stranger Things Mystery

Election season is usually a busy time for "Saturday Night Live," and while this weekend's episode did feature plenty of political humor, the SNL crew still found time to tackle a really important question: specifically, where was  Lucas Sinclair's family on Netflix's summer hit "Stranger Things"?

Positioned as a preview of Season Two, the sketch casts Leslie Jones and Kenan Thompson as Lucas' folks, who question why their son is staying out so late "with these little white kids," and stare in puzzlement at Will's mother.

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As the sketch points out, "People who look like [Lucas' family] already live in an upside down," a place that's "like the normal world, but… scarier and there's danger at every turn." And the most terrifying sight for them isn't some ultra-dimensional Demogorgon, but a local police chief.

Of course, more eagle-eyed fans (or at least those with access to IMDb.com) may have already spotted that Lucas, played by Caleb McLaughlin on "Stranger Things," does have an onscreen father, portrayed Bradford Haynes, who makes a brief uncredited appearance. But if this "SNL" sketch makes anything clear, that's that the Duffer brothers should be doing whatever they can to secure Leslie Jones as Mrs. Sinclair for Season Two.

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“Stranger Things” will return sometime in 2017 on Netflix.

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