'SNL' Cast Members, Emma Stone, and Jon Hamm Audition for 'Star Wars'

There's no doubt that J.J. Abrams had his work cut out for him on "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." Fan expectations were understandably high, and beyond the special effects and story, a lot rested on how well the director cast his movie. Thankfully, aside from a few petty grippers, most folks seem excited to see what Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Oscar Isaac bring to the "Star Wars" universe. Of course, those weren't the only choices Abrams had.

In a skit from last night's "Saturday Night Live," the director unveiled some early screen tests undertaken during casting. Stars like Emma Stone and Jon Hamm tried their hands at iconic roles, while Shaquille O'Neal (Jay Pharaoh) gave his best take on Chewbacca. Sofia Vergara (Cecily Strong) wasn't exactly sure what movie she was auditioning for, and Chris Tucker (Pharaoh again) still hasn't moved beyond his "Fifth Element" role. Danny DeVito (Bobby Moynihan) probably had the audition of them all as he tried out for the part of BB-8, but George Lucas (Moynihan again) wasn't too impressed with anyone. Or the lack of Coke Zero,

Watch below.

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