Sneak Peek of New CLiNT Feature – Death Sentence!

Mark Milar is re-tooling his CLiNT magazine into a new volume.

The first issue of CLiNT#2.1 (out May 9th by Titan Magazines) will debut new serializations of both of Millar's upcoming ICON series (Supercrooks with artist Leinil Yu and The Secret Service with artist Dave Gibbons and co-writer Matthew Vaughn) as well as two brand-new comic series unique to CLiNT. The first is a continuation of Frankie Boyle's Rex Royd series (art by Mike Dowling) and the second is a brand-new series by writer MontyNero and artist Mike Dowling called Death Sentence.

I've read the first two chapters of Death Sentence, and MontyNero brings a fresh voice to this take on superheroes with a pitch that can be described as essentially, "What happens if you contracted a disease that would kill you in six months, but in those six months you'd have superpowers? What would you do?"

Read on for three sample pages from Chapter One...

These first two pages also appeared in CBR's massive preview of CLiNT #2.1 that appeared here. Check it out for more previews of the other comics in the issue.

In these first two pages, we're introduced to two of the three people we follow in Death Sentence. First, a young woman who finds out she has come down with the disease...

and secondly a hack of a rock star whose label is hoping they can exploit his misfortune for as much money as they can...

Finally, in this sixth page (which did not appear in CBR's preview), we meet the third lead of the book, a Russell Brand-esque comedian who is the public face of the disease...

Each of the three characters is reacting to their, well, death sentence in a very different fashion and things get complicated when the government wants to get in on the action (they're thinking Strikeforce: Morituri sounds mighty appealing to them).

Death Sentence is a great new addition to CLiNT's new focus on providing new and EXCLUSIVE comic book content to supplement the serialized Mark Millar works that highlight the magazine.

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