Sneak peek at <i>Weird Horrors &amp; Daring Adventures: The Joe Kubert Archives</i>

Fantagraphics has a first look at Weird Horrors & Daring Adventures: The Joe Kubert Archives Vol. 1, the upcoming 240-page hardcover collecting 33 of the late artist's stories from the pre-Comics Code era -- "they are more thrilling, violent and sexy (by contemporary standards) than much of his later, Code-constrained work" -- with fantastic titles like "Bloody Yesterday," "Marion Gilmore ... Queen of the Waterfront Gangs" and "Death's Pool!" It's not all blood and violence, though, as the collection also features stories from Meet Miss Pepper and Abbott and Costello Comics.

The $39.99 book doesn't ship for another couple of months, but Fantagraphics is offering a 22-page preview on its website.

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