Sneak Peek at 'Legend of Korra' Game Shows Off Killer Combos

The Legend of Korra's specific brand of action has made its way to the realm of video games. As revealed in a behind-the-scenes video posted on the show's Facebook page, the "epic adventure" will allow players to utilize all four elements in strategic combinations as they play their way through this beat-'em-up-style game from PlatinumGames and Activision

The game, fittingly titled The Legend of Korra, is set between books two and three of the series and deals with the fallout of the Avatar's decision to merge the spirit world with the real world. The video, which contains interviews with Activision producer Robert Conkey and producer Atsushi Kurooka, shows off the game's visuals, including intense combo demonstrations. Mako, Bolin and Naga are all name-dropped in the video and appear in the game as well.

The Legend of Korra video game is out now for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. It drops Wednesday for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


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