Sneak peek at 'Captain Marvel #1'

Official Press Release

Hey, True Believer!

Since everyone is buzzing about the consequences of our whole U-DECIDE!event -- the pie-throwing, the dunk-tanking, the trash-talking, etc. -- Ithought you'd actually appreciate a look at, you know, the actual comicbooks!

So, in the first of a series of peeks at the books that are goinghead-to-head in a loser-leave-town, no-holds-barred cage match, here's twointerior pages from CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 (on sale Sept. 18th -- order cut-offdate Aug. 29th), which feature a whole new coloring technique that Sr.Editor Tom Brevoort is about to tell you all about. Take it away, Tom!

"For the new, relaunched CAPTAIN MARVEL series, in addition tore-evaluating the series direction and story content, we've also taken alook at the way we've been approaching the artwork, and adjustedaccordingly. So here are two preview images from CAPTAIN MARVEL #1,showing off the new, more 'painterly' look the book will take on. Pencilscontinue to be provided by ChrisCross, with the fully-painted artworkexecuted by Chris Sotomayor."

But wait, Tom has one more thing to say!

"I also want to point out to everybody that if CAPTAIN MARVEL loses toeither MARVILLE or ULTIMATE ADVENTURES, I'm never going to hear the end ofit from Bill Jemas and Joe Quesada. And that would depress me -- so muchso that I might not be able to get up the energy to keep things moving onthe AVENGERS/JLA crossover. So if you're one of the many people who'vebeen waiting breathlessly for that dream project, it might not be theworst thing in the world for you to check out a copy of CAPTAIN MARVEL#1."

Wow... now that's playing dirty, Tom. I like it!

Your Man @ Marvel,

Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager

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