Sneak peak to the cover of 'Origin #3'

Official Press Release

Hey, True Believer!

So... did you see the shock-ending of ORIGIN #2 coming? Months ago our EIC Joe Quesada sat me down and laid out the storyline for Wolverine's true past, and I think it was this swerve that convinced me that ORIGIN really would be the greatest story we've never told. And now that issue #2 is out there - and selling out - I can now show you the cover to issue #3!

Just feast your eyes on this piece by Joe and colorist Richard Isanove!

And best of all, you can buy it as a poster in January 2002!

Cover by Joe Quesada & Richard Isanove

Paul Jenkins(w)/Andy Kubert(p)

* THE SCOOP: The story you've all been waiting for continues!

* THE STORY: Wolverine's tale takes on an added dimension as new details are revealed about the mysterious man known only as Logan! What new secrets will be revealed in this issue? Everyone is going to be talking about the revelations made in this amazing series -- and this issue's twist could be the one to top them all!

* THE CREATORS: No one examines the psyche like Paul Jenkins (PETER PARKER: SPIDER-MAN, INHUMANS, SENTRY, etc.), so we've teamed him up with master artist Andy Kubert (ULTIMATE X-MEN)! We even got our own EIC, Joe Quesada, to draw the covers!

* THE FORMAT: Each chapter of this six-issue series will be 32 pages, with ads -- printed on glossy stock paper with a cardstock cover.

On Sale Oct.31st (MarvelPG) $3.50

Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager

Marvel Comics

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