Sneak peak Sky Ape: Waiting for Crime

[Sky Ape]Like big monkeys that fight crime? Of course you do.

CBR's very own Larry Young gave us a sneak peek at the cover for the upcoming original graphic novel "Sky Ape: Waiting For Crime," published by his company AiT/PlanetLar and shipping to comic shops November of this year. The cover artwork is by Richard Jenkins with design by Amy Arendts. Ait/PlanetLar describes the book as follows:

SKY APE: WAITING FOR CRIMEby Phil Amara, Tim McCarney, Mike Russo, and Richard Jenkins. 56 page black and white original graphic novel. Available November 2001.

The world's hairiest crimefighter returns in an all-new lip-smackin' adventure! Fed up with saving the world, Kirk Madge--AKA Sky Ape, millionaire gorilla and freelance detective--doffs his jetpack to become a certified public accountant. But as the malevolent force known only as "O'Donnelly's Roofing" sets the world teetering on the brink of destruction, you can bet it won't be long 'til Kirk stops crunching numbers and starts bustin' heads!

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