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[Hulk #33]Another great piece of art has ended up in my computer that's just too hot to sit on. This time it's the cover to Incredible Hulk #33, which storms into stores on October 17th. This gorgeous piece is by J.H. Williams III, who perfectly captured the rage burning in the heart of our favorite green goliath.

Here's what editor Tom Brevoort had to say about this gigantic issue... which happens to be another one of The House's popular 100-Page Monster editions!

"The Hulk 100-Page Monster issue should be must reading for fans of any incarnation of the Jade Giant. Its three reprinted stories (chosen with the assistance of the online fan community) span the length and breadth of the Hulk's career, from green to gray, dumb to devious. And the lead story by Christopher Priest and Jon Bogdanove, which brings the Hulk squarely into the ouvre of Christopher Priest's Black Panther series, is nothing to sneeze at either!"

Printed in this issue, in addition to the all-new story by Priest and Bogdanove, will be Incredible Hulk #204 (by Len Wein and Herb Trimpe), Incredible Hulk #205 (by Len Wein and Sal Buscema), and Incredible Hulk #335 (by Peter David and John Higgins). The first tale features a tragic attempt to eliminate the green gargantuan using time travel, the second showcases the sad death of a person the Hulk loved with all his gamma-powered heart, and the third features an encounter with a creature that calls into question the true nature of what makes one a monster. And best of all, you get all four stories for only a buck and a quarter more than the cost of a regular 32-page issue!

The only thing this issue doesn't come with is a pair of torn purple pants!

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Source: Marvel Comics

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