Sneak a peek at Andy Diggle and Jock's Image thriller <i>Snapshot</i>

Jock has revealed a first look at Snapshot, the long-teased Image Comics miniseries that reunites him with writer Andy Diggle, his collaborator on The Losers and Green Arrow: Year One.

First mentioned as early as November 2008, the thriller reportedly centers on a protagonist who finds a cellphone belonging to a hitman that contains snapshots of his work. Jock's tweeted photo, of the opening page of Issue 1, seems to support that setup.

There's been no mention of when the miniseries will debut, but perhaps we can expect an announcement later this month at Comic-Con International.

Jock and Diggle's collaborative history dates back to 2000, when they created Lenny Zero for Judge Dredd Megazine.

(via Multiversity Comics)

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