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Unsung Comics

Betty's Diary only lasted forty issues, but in those forty issues, it left an indeliable imprint upon Archie Comics, to the point where now, sixteen years after the last issue came out, stories from Betty's Diary continue to be popular in Archie digests.

The concept of Betty's Diary began as a backup in some Archie title (one cool point to the person who can tell me what comic it was, I forget), but they were a lot different than the series, which began in 1986.

The 1986 series, written by writers such as Kathleen Webb (whose writing I adore) and Frank Doyle, among others, the comics tended to go for realism, which is a rare feat in Archie Comics usually.

Often, the comics were funny, but it was a character-based humor, as the stories revolved around Betty just telling us, the readers, the normal happenstances in her life. Like, via this cover, Veronica getting too much attention one night...

Other times, the stories took on a more serious bent (or at least, not going for humor as the main ingredient), like looking into history, or the creative process for writers, or just finding out things about your friends that you didn't know (like the fact that Reggie does charity work secretly when he thinks no one is watching him).

Isn't that line on the roller coaster cover clever?

It was a great series, and it's too bad that it isn't around today.

At least Kathleen Webb still writes for Archie!

Cover Homage

One cool point to the person who first tells me which comic this comic cover is homaging!

Cool Comic Things

Comic Books: Where an aardvark can become Pope.

Yes, during the classic Church and State storyline, Cerebus the aardvark became the Pope of the Eastern Church of Tarim.

It did not end well.

Heck, let's just say that Cerebus, the book, as a whole, is a cool thing about comic books!

Snark-Free Challenge

What Marvel superhero who has never been a member do you think would make a good member of the Avengers?

Same question, only what DC superhero who has never been a member do you think would make a good member of the Justice League?

Great Supporting Cast Members

One of the coolest aspects of John Byrne's Superman revamp was the introduction of Maggie Sawyer, the head of the Special Crimes Unit in Metropolis.

Obviously, such a unit would often come into contact with Superman, and Maggie became close friends with Superman.

Maggie had been married once, and had a child, but left town when she realized she was a lesbian. In Metropolis, she began seeing Lois Lane-esque reporter, Toby Bailey. Heck, no wonder Superman and Maggie got along so well, they even have the same taste in women!

Maggie was a cop in Star City before she left, and I always thought that a story that we never saw and we SHOULD have seen is seeing Maggie in her Star City days, as you got to figure she ran into Green Arrow more than a few times.

I would have loved to have seen that confrontation.

After being a supporting character in the Superman books for a long time, Maggie admittedly fell to the wayside a bit, so when Gotham Central started, Greg Rucka imported Maggie to Gotham City to join the cast of Gotham Central.

That's where she is now, and to be honest, she doesn't seem to be doing a whole lot in the Batbooks. She's made a couple of 52 appearances, though.

Maggie even once starred in her own mini-series (ostensibly titled Metropolis SCU)!!

Look, she can even be badass while wearing an evening gown!

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