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One of the cool things about comic books is their serial nature, and watching the ups and downs of writers trying to make sense of the work of numerous previous writers. Seeing a writer manage to continue what the previous writer did, while still putting his/her own spin on the book is an impressive sight to see.

Ed Brubaker recently made a staggeringly seamless transition from Brian Michael Bendis to himself on Daredevil.

Mike Carey, on X-Men, has picked up the reins with nary a blip on the "hey, has something changed?" radar.

Alan Moore, even, on Swamp Thing, before blowing people's minds with the Anatomy Lesson, had an issue that was strictly resolving the previous writer's plots in a very intriguing manner.

Can you think of any other impressive transitions on titles?


Whose Atlantis was cooler - Aquaman's or Namor's?


Here's how this one works.

I give you a cover, and you have to tell me a comic cover that homages this cover.

You get a cool point for each cover (one cool point per commenter, so one single commenter can't just blow it all in one fell swoop), with double the cool points for any cover homage from five on!


Planetes, Book 1 by Makoto Yukimura, is about a group of garbage collectors. Only this book is about garbage collectors in SPACE!

Yukimura takes a very interesting approach to the world of the future, as Yukimura knows that just like how the world of the sea includes not only cruise ships, travel vessels, fighting vessels, aircraft carriers and submarines, but also tug boats and garbage barges; then so does the world of space include crafts like the one in Planetes that just goes around collecting space debris.

However, while the frank look at what outer space life would actually be like is interesting, if it was just an examination of outer space life, then it would not be that good as, well, let's be honest, it would just be an essay on "what outer space would be like in the future." And that, while perhaps interesting to people who are really really really interested in "what outer space would be like in the future," can get boring to people who are as much into that stuff.

Luckily, Planetes revolves around a very interesting cast of characters that really make the comic work. In fact, as much time as Yukimura devotes to the realistic science, he devotes JUST as much time to developing the characters.

Planetes is not a "graphic novel," it is a clear collection of short stories that tell an advancing plot. The characters are Hachimaki, a young astronaut who dreams of being a famous explorer, Yuri, a Russian with a sad past, and Fee, a wife and mother who is gruff, yet she cares about her crewmates.

The stories are basically slice of life stuff, although there is one chapter that gets pretty action-packed, as some world-saving is involved...hehe.

The art is great, but mainly you'll find yourself drawn into these people's world by the rich characters and in-dept characterizations, and you will want to read more and more about these characters.

The stories mix in humor and action and drama quite nicely.

Only one real complaint about the series. At one point, with no explanation, Yukimura switches Yuri and Hachimaki's hair color!! It is soooo weird. Just, out of nowhere, the blonde one is now dark-haired and the dark-haired one is now blonde. Soooo strange.

Still, heavily recommended!


Can you find the word sex in this Joe Quesada Ninjak cover?

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