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I think that hiding things inside covers is a neat little trick by artists, especially when it really doesn't affect the cover design at all.

John Byrne did a great job with this on his X-Men: The Hidden Years series. What he did was to hide the "real" numbering of the issues somewhere on the covers themselves (the conceit of Hidden Years was that it was as if the X-Men comic kept going after it was first cancelled with issue #66. Therefore, his first issue was essentially #67, so he hid the number 67 on that issue's cover, and on each subsequent cover - although some are very difficult to see.

Here are four covers where the issue number is quite visible (although you might have a hard time finding them).

Looking for #84 on this cover.

Looking for #85 on this cover.

Looking for #86 on this cover.

Looking for #87 on this cover.

Pretty cool, huh?


Who is the greatest detective in the Marvel Universe? Why do you think being a detective is such a big deal in the DC Universe, but not a big deal at all in the Marvel Universe?


One cool point to the first person who can tell me what comic book cover this Adventures of Superman cover is homaging.


This week's theme is...Post-Byrne Revamp Superman "Almost Secret ID Blown" Events!

1. Early on in Byrne's run, a computer program revealed that Clark Kent was Superman. Luthor just thought it was a joke.

2. Later on, the computer programmer revealed to Superman that she knew he was Clark Kent, but she died soon after.

3. Kenny Braverman, Clark Kent's childhood friend, became a villain known as Conduit, and he also knew who Clark was, but Kenny also died with his knowledge.

4. Manchester Black learned Clark's identity, but killed himself without telling anyone.

5. Black HAD given the information to Luthor as well, but erased the information from his brain before Black killed himself.

6. After he "died," they had to explain how Clark Kent happened to show up at the same time Superman did, so with the help of Supergirl's shape-changing abilities, Clark and Superman stood side-by-side.

7. After Clark forgot to take his wedding ring off, that started a whole "Mrs. Superman" craze that died down when the rest of the JLA revealed that THEY were wedding bands, which was a symbol of their "marriage to justice" or something like that.

Am I missing some?


Isn't it weird how anonymous the Olympics is in the DC Universe? They have all these Olympic medalists who no one ever recognizes, nor is it ever made into a big deal by any character. Are the Olympics just not as big of a deal in a world filled with superheroes?

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