Snark Free Corner for 10/23

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Today's theme is Spider-Man, and....the BRIDGE!

1. Norman Osborn throws Gwen Stacy off of a bridge to get at Peter Parker. Stacey dies from the fall. Osborn, too, ends up (apparently) dying as he tries to impale Spider-Man with his web glider (it misses Peter and hits Norman straight on).

2. Miles Warren and the clone of Gwen Stacy throw Spider-Man off of the bridge.

3. In Spectacular Spider-Man, years later, the NEW Green Goblin SAVES the same Gwen clone on the bridge.

4. In Webspinners, Chameleon and Peter have a heart-to-heart on the bridge, with Chameleon killing himself.

5. In Sins Past, Gwen's artificially-aged son and daughter confront Spider-Man on the bridge over their mother's death (hint: They blame Peter and Spider-Man).

6. In Marvel Knights: Spider-Man, the Green Goblin tries to repeats #1, only this time with Mary Jane Watson-Parker!

Am I missing any other instances of...THE BRIDGE?


One cool point to the first person who can tell me which cover this Namor cover is homaging!


What ONE Marvel character would you bring back from the dead, if you could?


As always, here is the game. I show three covers. They all have something in common, whether it be a character, locale, creator, SOMEthing. And it isn't something obvious like "They all have prices!" "They all have logos!" "They all feature a man!" etc.

In addition, please note that you must have some familiarity with comic book history to correctly guess these comics. You cannot guess the connective theme just by looking at the covers solely, you must have some knowledge beyond just the covers.

Good luck! A cool point to the first one who figures it out!





The first Zenith storyline by Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell involved the fight against the "Many-Angled Ones," demons who were trying to find host bodies on our world.

Zenith was roped into the fight by former superheroes (and friends of his parents), but at this point in the story, things weren't looking good for Zenith and Peter St. John, who quit superheroing to become a Member of Parliament for the Conservative Party. The two were trapped in the bad guy's dimension, where his actual body exists, and they would be powerless against him.

Or were they?

And then the bad guy blew up.

Pretty cool, eh?

Well, that's it for this installment of Snark Free Corner.

Hope you had fun!

Todd McFarlane, Greg Capullo Spawn #301 Covers, Revealed

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