Snark Free Challenges!

Yes, this is one of the silliest things you can do, but darnit, one of these got stuck in my head, so I figured if I was going to ask ONE I might as well ask ten, so here goes!


1. How many Avengers would it take to ward off an invasion of Earth by the Martians from War of the Worlds? In the alternative, how many Justice Leaguers?

2. Who could write the best poem - Batman or Tom Strong?

3. Which Teen Titan (past or present - just so long as they're a teenager, so teenage Dick Grayson would count) would you pick to babysit your kids?

4. Who would you rather have taking a half-court shot for $50,000 (sans powers, of course) - Invisible Woman or Zatanna?

5. What member of the X-men would make the best President of the United States?

6. Who would win in a foot race (without using powers) - Colossus or Atom-Smasher?

7. Who is Superman's third-best villain (presuming Luthor and Brainiac are #1 and #2, respectively - and excluding Mxy because he seems too tame to be a villain)?

8. What Marvel hero who has never been an Avenger would make the best Avenger (legacy heroes like Bucky Cap excluded)?

9. What would be your ideal seven-member Justice League team?

10. Who is the coolest non-Batman member of the original Outsiders?

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