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Snark Free Challenges for 12/19

by  in Comic News Comment
Snark Free Challenges for 12/19

It’s been almost exactly three months since I last did one of these, so let’s try on some more!


(A reader submitted this one to Mark Waid and I think it would be a great snark free challenge)
1. Explain why Kyle Rayner would try to punch Deathstroke in Identity Crisis #3.

2. If you could bring ONE member of the Giffen/DeMatteis Justice League back to life, who would it be and why?

3. Who would most likely win in a game of chess (presuming no cheating) – Hawkeye or Green Arrow?

4. Who can do more push-ups – John Stewart or Tim Drake?

5. Who is the better magician – John Constantine or Zatanna?

6. Which member of the original Justice League of America is most likely to own a cat?

7. Come up with a scientific explanation for Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense.

8. Who is smarter – Hank Pym or Amadeus Cho?

9. Who would be the best (realistic, so no Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman, etc.) choice to write a new Swamp Thing series?

10. Who is deader – the Wasp or Jean Grey?

And remember, part of the challenge here is to answer the questions withOUT snark!

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